About Us

Qafla ­ e ­ Baitullah (Pvt) Ltd was established with an aim of providing Voluntarily Services to the Pilgrims of the Holy Shrines & Mosques in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia in 1995.In the Year 2006, due to some changes made by Ministry of Religious Affairs, it was made mandetory for all the religious travel groups to made themselves registered with different institutions of Pakistan.

Since then QEB is Registered with following governing bodies:
  • Registered with SECP as Private Limited Company under Companies act of 1984.
  • Registered with Ministry of Religous Affairs as Hajj Group Organizer since 2006 under membership/enrollement Number: 4269.
  • Registered with Mossasah Hajj South Asia, Ministry of Hajj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Munazzam No: 4499.
  • Registered with Hajj Group Organization Association of Pakistan (HOAP) under membership No: 4­4269.
  • Registered with Pakistan Hajj Group Organizers Committee (regd).
  • Registered with Jafaria Hajj Umrah Ziarat Federation Pakistan (JHUZFP).

The primiarily purpose of Qafla ­ e ­ Baitullah (Pvt) Ltd. is to provide best services to Hujjaj and
Zaireen with full devotion, commitment and sprituality.


  • YEAR 2006 050
  • YEAR 2007 080
  • YEAR 2008 075
  • YEAR 2009 120
  • YEAR 2010 110
  • YEAR 2011 110
  • YEAR 2012 110
  • YEAR 2013 079
  • YEAR 2014 105